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Microsoft Office 2019 For Mac V16.47

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I bought a second hand Mac(2011)just for research purposes and was looking to install office 2019 in it. I managed to purchase a one time subscription with license key however it does not allow me to continue and prompting a newer version of 10.14 or higher. Can somebody tell me if this is still possible or not I know that Microsoft already ended support for this model but I should be able to install it. It does not allow me to update my Mac either.

About Office, MS decided to offer support only for the last 3 versions of macOS -us/office/office-2019-for-windows-and-mac-faq-a8fed43d-4c11-404a-acc3-09eb46a3a7fb. Once a new macOS is available, the third previous one gets dropped. I believe it's a very wrong move from MS and they could offer support without big technical difficulties, but it is what it is, that's their call. 59ce067264


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