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Truly harmless and environmentally friendly products

Professional ABS edge banding manufacturer


With the continuous improvement of living standards, people are no longer satisfied with the aesthetics of edge banding products.
More and more people realize that not only their little home needs beautification, but the earth as all of us should also be taken seriously.
When we choose the edge banding material, ABS is undoubtedly the best environmental protection material.


ABS is a chlorine-free polymer.
ABS has similar characteristics to PVC;
However, unlike PVC, ABS can be incinerated together with general waste.
When burned, it will not produce harmful pollution that harms nature and humans.
In addition, it is more fire resistant.


No calcium carbonate is doped, it looks translucent and smooth after trimming, and will never appear whitish.
For a few years, more and more furniture customers prefer this material, especially in developed countries and regions.


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