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CAPAD Always wants his clients to use the most advanced products


PMMA (acrylic) can be divided into 2in1 and 3D edge banding strips.
Both edge banding strips are translucent plastic products, which make the panels (especially high-gloss panels) appear to have 3D depth.
PMMA edge banding adds great value to finished furniture with its brilliant 3D optical appearance.

2in1 means double edge banding, two-tone edge banding or two-color edge banding
The standard specification is generally 1.3*22mm.
2in1 is a special PMMA edge banding strip, composed of two colors.
One side of it is 6mm high gloss color, and the rest is brushed aluminum.

2in1 edge banding is a product that can be applied to all furniture fields, whether it is a home, a restaurant or an office.
Make your furniture look more advanced by adding real 3D effects to the furniture.


3D Edgebanding is a product with semi-transparent PMMA on it.
The same solid color and wood grain color will perform better on acrylic materials than on PVC.
At the same time, the transparent acrylic layer with a thickness of about 1mm on the surface can also play a good protective role.
Even with the passage of time, there will be slight bumps on the surface of the edge banding strip.
You can also easily wipe off the marks without losing the original color.


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