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Police Order 2002 In Urdu Pdf Download

Police Order 2002 In Urdu Pdf Download >>>

Police Order 2002 In Urdu Pdf Download

Police Order 2002 In Urdu Pdf Download: A Guide to the Law and Regulations of the Police in Pakistan

The Police Order 2002 is a law that was enacted by the Chief Executive of Pakistan on August 14, 2002, to reconstruct and regulate the police in Pakistan. The law aims to make the police professional, service-oriented, and accountable to the Constitution, law, and democratic aspirations of the people.

The Police Order 2002 covers various aspects of the constitution, organization, responsibilities, duties, powers, and accountability of the police at different levels. It also establishes various institutions and mechanisms for the oversight and redressal of complaints against the police.

The Police Order 2002 is divided into 13 chapters and 188 articles. Some of the main features of the law are:

It separates the police establishment for each general police area (province or capital territory) and organizes it on a functional basis.

It defines the superintendence and administration of the police by the federal and provincial governments and their respective authorities.

It specifies the posting, term of office, and qualifications of the Provincial Police Officer (PPO), Capital City Police Officer (CCPO), and Head of Federal Law Enforcement Agency (FLEA).

It provides for the administration of police in a district by the District Police Officer (DPO) under the general direction of the Zila Nazim (district mayor).

It separates the investigation function from the watch and ward function of the police and appoints a head of investigation for each district.

It requires the head of district police to prepare an annual policing plan in consultation with the Zila Nazim and submit it to the District Public Safety Commission (DPSC).

It establishes DPSCs at the district level and Capital City District Public Safety Commission (CCDPSC) at the capital city level to perform functions such as monitoring police performance, approving policing plans, recommending transfers and postings of senior officers, inquiring into public complaints, etc.

It creates a National Public Safety Commission (NPSC) at the federal level and Provincial Public Safety Commissions (PPSCs) at the provincial level to perform functions such as overseeing policy implementation, issuing policy directives, reviewing annual reports, etc.

It sets up a Police Complaints Authority (PCA) at the federal level and Police Complaints Authorities (PCAs) at the provincial level to inquire into serious complaints against police officers involving death, rape, grievous hurt, etc.

It lays down a code of conduct for police officers and prescribes penalties for misconduct.

It provides for special measures for protection of women and children from police abuse.

The Police Order 2002 has been amended several times since its enactment. The most recent amendment was made by the Police Order (Amendment) Ordinance 2016, which introduced some changes in the composition and functions of NPSC, PPSCs, DPSCs, CCDPSC, PCA, and PCAs.

The Police Order 2002 is available in Urdu language in pdf format on various websites. Some of them are:

For more information about the Police Order 2002 and its implementation, you can visit the websites of National Reconstruction Bureau (NRB), National Police Bureau ( 061ffe29dd


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