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Baofeng Bf K5 Software 13 ((LINK))

You will need to purchase a programming cable for the radio. The one I recommend can be found on Amazon. You will also need to download the CHIRP software. For the remainder of this article, I will be using CHIRP version 20210110 on Windows 10 20H2.

baofeng bf k5 software 13


For your convenience, an optional USB programming cable is available to program the Wouxun KG-935G from a computer. NOTE: Programming software is available for download from the Downloads tab above.

I've been using baofengs to listen on ham and GMRS channels for a while, decided to spend extra to get a radio that most people seem to like. All I can say is, you definitely get what you pay for. This thing picks up transmissions much better, and filters out those phantom transmissions 100% better than any baofeng I've used. it's easy to use and built very solid.

Purchasing from Buy Two Way Radio was a good experience and the product came as promised. The Wouxun KG-935G GMRS radio is well-designed and well-built. I love the Color display, it is easy to see Channe or frequencies. I really appreciate the Dual-Band function and signals come through clear, even at long distances. Having access to repeaters is even a greater benefit. This radio outputs 5.5 watts as advertised. I will most likely purchase another one for outdoor activities.Technical support was a good experience. I was able to use the PCO-001 programming cable after tech support downloaded the correct driver for my Windows 11 system. The programming software works perfectly. I did not need CHIRP.

I purchased two of these radios plus two of the extended antennas based upon my prior experience with my Ham HTs. The radios arrived within two days of ordering, were securely packaged, and after a fairly short battery charge, simply worked when turned on. The antennas were included in the overall package so they also arrived in good condition. I was able to easily download the programming software and set up frequencies for scanning. Being familiar with CHIRP software made the process of using the Wouxon software very intuitive and easy to work. The software wrote to the radios smoothly. Since the initial purchase of the radios, I've added a GMSR tuned antenna to my truck and, with a pigtail, now have a stronger setup for travel. My Boafeng microphone worked just fine with the KG-945G. I have an additional microphone and car charger ordered for my wife. The customer service has been outstanding or, in all honesty, I wouldn't keep ordering from them!

This was my first time buying from Buy Two Way Radios, and it was a smooth experience. I ordered on a Thursday evening, and it arrived on Monday with standard free shipping. This radio does NOT come with a programming cable, and you will need one if you want to program things like repeaters and customize it to your liking. I had an old BaoFeng cable that worked fine. The downloadable software was self explanatory - similar to the Anytone 878 software. The 935g is a relatively robust radio. Reception and transmission are solid. Features are plentiful. No real complaints. I called for customer service about other products and talked to someone named "Tanner" I think. I'm relatively new to GMRS and amateur radio but he didn't make me feel like an idiot for asking noob questions. This is my new go-to place. FYI - if you are relatively new to radio or just want to learn more, listen to the Buytwowayradio podcasts. I recommend going all the way back to the beginning in 2012 and start listening. I learned SO MUCH about GMRS, MURS, Amateur, commercial, and testing equipment. There's one about the Wouxun KG 935g also. Unbelievable free resource. Theres also a promo code for listening to their podcast for 5% off your order.... hint hint.

Excellent radio from a purely functional standpoint, with one exception: The screen is useless in bright sunlight. Hard to see is an understatement. Otherwise, great choice from all aspects.DO NOT PURCHASE THE USB PROGRAMMING CABLE, unless you are prepared to purchase 3rd party software to go with it. The disc that comes with the cable, even though it is implied, DOES NOT contain programming software, and said software NOT available on the Wouxun website.

As most have said, 5 stars. The software works but officially "WONKY". Listening to FM channels is difficult (see pg 69). Using a White background works best in daylight. I, too, bought the 771G antenna, spare battery, 12v eliminator, and 12v adapter for the charger.

I was content with my Baofeng's UV-9G and UV-5G but once I got my hands on this baby I forgot all about the Baofeng's.. I did get the Nagoya 701G for it. This radio is easy to use, programming cable and pc software no issues and no issues with drivers compared to other brands that do have driver issues. This is now my fav radio, well worth the money. Oh one last thing.. I didn't use the belt clip it came with, I'm using the swivel belt clip from my Baufeng UV-9G. No modification needed it screws right on the Wouxun belt clip screw. I would have uploaded I picture but that isn't an option in this review. I wouldn't have known about this radio if it wasn't for Mr. "NotaRubicon"

My first Wouxon. Still learning it. As with all Chinese build radios there is a bit of learning curve. First impression seems like a good radio. Programming software is simple but works great. Had no problems installing it. Hitting a repeater 18 miles away indoors with stock antenna with crappy weather. Love the color screen. Bright easy to read. Looking forward when weather is better to try it out on the trails. Purpose, I got it for.

the KG935-G is an excellent radio. Solid well built construction, easy to program (recommend programming via the computer software much easier), changing options via the onboard menu is easy, with many options not found on other GMRS handheld radio. Highly recommend if you are looking for a 5 watt handheld.

Fast Shipping! I got mine within a week of purchasing, despite it being "out of stock" at the time. I guess I got lucky on coincidental timing! The radio is solid and full of features. I like how it has the little icon to tell you whether the "A" or "B" last received traffic. I also like the programmable sidekeys (PTT on secondary TDR area). It is possible to program any GMRS channel (simplex or repeater) on any of the 999 channel slots. I have scan groups setup for various areas I visit with GMRS repeaters in them. The weather alert feature seems good, but luckily haven't had an opportunity to see that in action. I'm still reading the manual and trying to understand some of the more advanced features like alert tones, ANI, side-tones, call-groups, caller-id etc. I'll end with two dislikes:1) I was disappointed that you cannot set one of the TDR areas to scan, and then switch to the other area and surf around channels, or also scan. Scanning only happens on the area which is "in focus". Not a deal-breaker.2) the Wouxun factory software is ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE! For setting the options like priority scan, sidekeys, and such it is fine. But for managing channel memories, forget it unless you have less than a dozen things to add, or unlimited time & patience. But the device has room for 999 channels. I have hundreds frequencies in CHIRP files for fire, police, HAM, RR, etc in different areas I visit, but no good way to get it into this radio. It is extremely tedious to type each of them in, line by line. The KG-935G would get 5 starts if it was supported by CHIRP. I won't be buying a KG-XS20G or KG-1000G until CHIRP supports them. All that said: Great radio!

This is the radio enthusiasts GMRS radio. Feature packed and solid. The manual is actually readable but the programming software leaves a quite a bit to be desired. Like the ability to copy and paste with keyboard shortcuts instead of mouse right clicks. Input sanitation to remove spaces and tabs that often get copied from excel sheets and html layout. The fact that it will crash on you if you overuse the mouse scroll wheel. The software would also benefit from context based help. Taking the nice well written descriptions from the manual and having it readily available for each option in the software via a mouse over or such. Mind you these are programming software issues and not the radio itself. Love the least i didnt have to pay for the software.

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