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Adrian King

Download and Install Euro Truck Simulator 2 - Russian Paint Jobs Pack [cheat] for Free

as is with previous dlc for the game, the new content can be used in both the american version of the game and the romanian and bulgarian versions of the game, and will also be supported for the game's first ever third-party mods.

Euro Truck Simulator 2 - Russian Paint Jobs Pack Download] [cheat]


scs software couldn't imagine a more fitting tribute to the people of ukraine than this map of eastern europe. it's an artistic masterpiece, and its name is donbass. there will be music, trees, grass, natural beauty.. you can almost picture a ukrainian truck driving through it, enjoying it all. please keep this in mind.

heart of russia was to have included many improvements. there was a new territory map, a new part of southern germany, a new vehicle-manufacturing factory, and a new loading dock. there was going to be a new land art too. it was all coming together beautifully.

scs knows the true meaning of "heart", and ukraine's heart was in danger. russia's military actions had all but obliterated the country's infrastructure. the southernmost county of the country was beyond recovery, and ukraine was still fighting against the massive russian onslaught. with the economic sanctions imposed on russia, many ukrainian truckers were out of work. it was an hour of retribution for an entire nation, and scs knew that it had to do something to help.

heart of russia is a map of eastern europe made entirely from screenshots of russia today and russia unblinking. if you've been following the news, you will recognise some of the places on the map. when you drive to the west, you'll pass the snow-capped vostok mountains in eastern russia, the black sea coast in crimea, and the beautiful black sea islands, where the city of sevastopol resides. you'll find the ruins of warsaw's historic old town and the great synagogue in warsaw, the ruins of the hiroshima castle, and the beautiful lake baikal. if you travel south, you will find the sandy expanses of the azov sea, the adriatic sea, and the bosphorus. perhaps most poignantly, you'll find many of the locations where the slaughter of the donbass people was taking place. there are as many as sixty towns on the map, and they're all named after cities in ukraine.


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