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How to Find Bonny Rebecca's Carbolicious E-Book

Bonny Rebecca is a former vegan influencer who used to share her high-carb vegan recipes on her website and YouTube channel. She also published an e-book called Carbolicious, which featured over 50 plant-based dishes that were easy, delicious and satisfying.

However, in 2019, Bonny Rebecca announced that she was no longer vegan and that she had removed her e-book from sale. She explained that she had experienced health issues and that veganism was not working for her anymore. She also said that she did not want to promote a lifestyle that she did not believe in.

This left many of her fans disappointed and frustrated, especially those who had bought her e-book and lost access to it. Some of them had their e-book on their iPad, which was stolen or broken, and they could not download it again. Others had never bought it but wanted to try her recipes.

So, how can you find Bonny Rebecca's Carbolicious e-book Is there a way to get a copy of it legally and ethically Here are some possible options:

Reach out to Bonny Rebecca directly. You can try to contact her through her email, Instagram or YouTube and ask her politely if she would be willing to sell you a copy of her e-book. Explain why you want it and how much you appreciate her work. However, be prepared that she might not reply or agree to your request.

Reach out to other fans who have the e-book. You can try to find other people who have bought the e-book and still have access to it. You can search on social media platforms like Reddit, Facebook or Pinterest and see if anyone is willing to share it with you. However, be respectful and do not demand or beg for it. Also, be aware that this might violate the terms and conditions of the e-book and that you might not get the original quality or format of the file.

Look for alternative sources of high-carb vegan recipes. You can try to find other websites, blogs, YouTube channels or e-books that offer similar recipes to Bonny Rebecca's. For example, you can check out High Carb Hannah, The Happy Pear, Pick Up Limes or Deliciously Ella. They all have plenty of plant-based dishes that are easy, delicious and satisfying.

In conclusion, finding Bonny Rebecca's Carbolicious e-book might be challenging and frustrating, but not impossible. You can try to contact her directly, reach out to other fans or look for alternative sources of high-carb vegan recipes. However, whatever option you choose, make sure you respect Bonny Rebecca's decision and do not harass or criticize her for changing her lifestyle. aa16f39245


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