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CAPAD PVC edge banding is made in great technology and the best material.

Professional PVC edge banding manufacturer and exporter


Using polypropylene or polyvinyl chloride as raw materials, the plastic edge bands of wood grain, solid color, and two-color series are made by mechanical pressing.
According to the different UV materials of the surface of the edge banding, we divide it into two types: matte and high gloss.


We use UV printing and UV varnishing systems, so the finished product does not contain solvents, and the surface texture cannot be erased even with gasoline.
Our PVC edge banding is precisely matched with the surface of the panel, and the thickness and width will also be consistent with the customized range requested by the customer.


Durable and resistant to all external damage and impact.
Its perfect design and impressive appearance are aesthetically appealing.
The diversified colors perfectly match the particleboard.
Customization; can choose solid color, wood grain color, high gloss color, and high gloss wood grain color.


The standard thicknesses of PVC are 0.45mm, 0.8mm, and 2mm.

However, it is possible to produce any thickness from 0.4 mm to 3mm if you want to customize it.
And we usually make it 150 meters or 200 meters per roll.



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