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Radioactive-trading-blueprint-pdf __EXCLUSIVE__

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Radioactive-trading-blueprint-pdf __EXCLUSIVE__

How to Trade with the Radioactive Trading Blueprint PDF

If you are looking for a way to trade stocks with limited risk and unlimited reward potential, you might want to check out the Radioactive Trading Blueprint PDF. This is a comprehensive guide that teaches you how to use a combination of stock and put options to create a Radioactive Profit Machine (RPM) that can generate income and protect your capital.

The Radioactive Trading Blueprint PDF is based on the principles of RadioActive Trading, a trading system developed by Kurt Frankenberg. RadioActive Trading is not a typical stock or option trading system, but rather a framework that allows you to customize your own trading style and goals. The core idea of RadioActive Trading is to buy a stock and a protective put option at the same time, creating a RPM that has four advantages:

It limits your downside risk to a fixed amount, regardless of how far the stock price drops.

It allows you to profit from the stock's upside potential, without capping your gains.

It enables you to generate income from selling call options or rolling your put options closer in time.

It gives you flexibility to adjust your position according to changing market conditions and expectations.

The Radioactive Trading Blueprint PDF explains how to set up and manage your RPMs using 11 different Income Methods. These are strategies that help you reduce your risk, increase your income, or both, by making adjustments to your stock and option positions. The Income Methods are designed to fit different scenarios, such as when the stock rises, falls, or stays flat. The Radioactive Trading Blueprint PDF also provides a Cheat Sheet that summarizes the Income Methods, their conditions, expectations, actions, goals, advantages, and disadvantages[^1^].

In addition to the Radioactive Trading Blueprint PDF, Kurt Frankenberg has also put together several video CDs that go more in depth into the principles of RadioActive Trading and the philosophies of the Income Methods[^3^]. These videos are:

FORTS - Foundations of RadioActive Trading

Profit with Puts - Using IM's #3 and #4 to Enhance Returns

Bulletproofing Your Stock Positions - Using IM's #5 and #6 to Eliminate Risk

Nesting Iron Condors - Using IM's #7 and #8 to Profit from Sideways Markets

The Three Income Methods That Could Make You Rich - Using IM's #9, #10, and #11 to Maximize Your Profits

If you want to learn more about RadioActive Trading and how to trade with the Radioactive Trading Blueprint PDF, you can visit their website at You can also sign up for their free newsletter and get access to their free webinars, blog posts, podcasts, and more. RadioActive Trading is a unique and powerful way to trade stocks with options that can help you achieve your financial goals. 061ffe29dd


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