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Tomato Firmware For Linksys Wap54g EXCLUSIVE

Linksys original firmware are hard to find on the internet, and are no longer made available by Linksys. Hopefully, they can still be downloaded at this URL: _images/linksys_official/index.html. This is particularily handy if you want to change of OpenWRT version or simply test another one while you already have one installed. To proceed, reinstall Linksys original firmware with the TFTP method :

Tomato Firmware For Linksys Wap54g

Download File:

I just purchased a WRT54GL that I want to flash with dd-wrt. On the dd-wrt wiki I read that I should first upgrade the linksys firmware to v.4.21.1 so I did so, but now the web gui is messed up. I can log in, but nothing is legible. I have used IE, FF and Chrome, but all emit the same behavior. Is there any way i can do a command line flash to get my gui back?

I just upgraded the firmware for my linksys wrt54g. I went to the linksys website and all necessary information and the download file are provided. A detailed set of instructions are available, and I advise that they be followed carefully. I printed out a copy to make the process easier.

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linksys routers will do that (that is all I have experience with). I currently run a Linksys WRT54GL v1.1 with Tomato firmware. This is an upgrade from the stock linksys firmware. It unlocks a few more features than the stock firmware will. If you want an even more advanced firware use dd-wrt. alot more features, alot more complicated. I have used both and for my needs, tomato works well at home.


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