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Fallout 4 Console Commands Change Appearance

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How to Change Your Appearance in Fallout 4 Using Console Commands

Fallout 4 is a game that allows you to customize your character's appearance in various ways. You can choose your gender, face, hair, skin tone, and more at the beginning of the game. But what if you want to change your appearance later on Maybe you want to grow a beard, add a scar, or try a different hairstyle. Or maybe you just want to experiment with different looks and see how they affect your interactions with other characters.

Fortunately, there is a way to change your appearance in Fallout 4 using console commands. Console commands are special codes that you can type into the game's developer console to access various features and functions. You can use console commands to cheat, spawn items, change the game settings, and more. To access the console on PC, press the key during gameplay. You can also use a text file (.txt) with the commands and run it using the bat command[^3^].

One of the console commands that you can use to change your appearance is ShowLooksMenu. This command opens up the character creation menu that you see at the start of the game. You can use this menu to modify your face, hair, body, and extras. To use this command, you need to know your character's ID number and the menu type. The ID number is usually 14 for the player character, but you can check it by clicking on your character while in the console mode. The menu type is either 1 for face or 2 for body.

So, to change your appearance using console commands, follow these steps:

Open the console by pressing .

Type ShowLooksMenu 14 1 to open the face menu or ShowLooksMenu 14 2 to open the body menu.

Use your mouse and keyboard to modify your appearance as you wish.

When you are done, press R to confirm your changes and exit the menu.

Close the console by pressing again.

Note that using this command may cause some glitches or bugs in the game. For example, some users have reported that the camera does not zoom in on the character's face or that the character gets stuck in the menu mode after confirming the changes[^1^]. To avoid these issues, you may want to save your game before using this command and reload it if something goes wrong. You may also want to use other console commands such as tgm (God Mode) or tcl (NoClip mode) to prevent damage or interference from enemies while editing your appearance.

If you don't want to use console commands, you can also change your appearance in Fallout 4 by visiting a facial surgeon or a barber. These are NPCs that can be found in various locations in the game world. For example, you can find Dr. Sun in Diamond City or John Hancock in Goodneighbor. They will charge you a fee for their services, but they will also offer you more options and presets than the console commands.

Whether you use console commands or NPCs, changing your appearance in Fallout 4 can be a fun and immersive way to enhance your gameplay experience. You can create different personas for different situations, express your personality through your looks, or just experiment with different styles and features. The choice is yours! a474f39169


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