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with the color management function of silverfast you can make settings for the color space which is used by the epson software. this way the colors can be fine-tuned to the scanner and/or the light conditions.the color management allows the adjustment of the color space of the images to the scan data and to the ambient light conditions. this is achieved by using an icc profile, which is a special look up table (lut) for the colors in the scanned image. the icc profile is automatically generated by the scanner and stored in the folder color profiles. you can add the generated icc profile to the folder color profiles in your silverfast ai studio 8 installation and adjust the settings of the color management with the file color profile settings.xml.

Silverfast Ai Studio 8 Full Crack Licence.rarl


with silverfast ai studio 8 you can create a virtual scanner, which is independent of your hardware.this means that you can simulate the scanner of your favorite analog camera in silverfast ai studio 8. there are a lot of features which can be activated or deactivated via the settings of the virtual scanner. for example, you can set up the color space which is used by the camera, the number of frames per second and the settings for the hardware. all settings which are set up with the virtual scanner can be saved and be used the next time when the software is started. the features can be deactivated again by closing the application. only the settings which are made in the virtual scanner can be used by the scanner.

silverfast ai studio is a powerful scan software for flatbed scanners which can be easily used by everyone. even without a scanner, you can use silverfast ai studio to make the photos. the silverfast ai studio 8 is especially good for everyone who wants to save money. it is cheaper than many other scan software and it is fully functional. the accompanying silverfast se plus8 software is very powerful. the additional software allows you to generate impressive hdr images and to create stunning images from multi-page documents. additionally, there are also many useful features in the bundle. so, if you want a good scanner without having to pay a lot, this might be the right bundle for you. however, if you want to make your flatbed scanner even better, you should consider the se plus 8 bundle. this bundle not only includes the software, but also a scanner, which is especially good for scanning color.


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