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How to Use Cd Superkids 1 Activity.epub to Teach English to Elementary School Children

How to Use Cd Superkids 1 Activity.epub to Teach English to Elementary School Children

If you are looking for a fun and easy way to teach English to elementary school children, you might want to check out Cd Superkids 1 Activity.epub. This is a digital file that contains an activity book for the first level of the SuperKids series, a popular curriculum for children ages 7 to 12 years old.

Cd Superkids 1 Activity.epub

The SuperKids series covers topics that are familiar and close to the children, such as family, school, toys, clothing, pets and birthdays. The skills of listening and speaking are developed through the practice of short conversations, songs and rhymes. Each lesson also includes sound practice, which is an important part of learning English. The activity book provides exercises and games that reinforce the language presented in the student book.

The Cd Superkids 1 Activity.epub file comes with a CD that contains audio tracks for the songs, rhymes and conversations in the activity book. You can use the CD to play the audio on your computer or any device that supports mp3 files. You can also use the epub file to view the activity book on your computer or any device that supports epub files, such as tablets or smartphones. This way, you can access the activity book anytime and anywhere without having to print it out.

To use Cd Superkids 1 Activity.epub effectively, you will need to follow these steps:

  • Download Cd Superkids 1 Activity.epub from this link. You will need to sign up or log in using the form at the top of the page to download this file.

  • Extract the zip file that contains Cd Superkids 1 Activity.epub and the CD folder. You can use any software that can unzip files, such as WinZip or 7-Zip.

  • Copy the CD folder to your computer or any device that supports mp3 files. You can also burn the CD folder to a blank CD if you prefer.

  • Open Cd Superkids 1 Activity.epub with any software that can read epub files, such as Adobe Digital Editions or Calibre. You can also use an online epub reader, such as this one.

  • Follow the instructions in the activity book and use the CD tracks to practice the language with your students. You can also use the student book and the teacher's guide for more guidance and resources. You can download them from this link and this link, respectively.

By using Cd Superkids 1 Activity.epub, you can make your English lessons more fun and engaging for your students. They will enjoy learning English with the SuperKids characters and their stories. You will also save time and money by using a digital file instead of a printed book. Try it out today and see how it works for you!

If you are wondering what the SuperKids series is and why it is so popular, here is some background information. The SuperKids series was created by Aleda Krause and Gregg Cossu, two experienced teachers and authors who have taught English to children in Asia for many years. They designed the series to meet the needs and interests of Asian learners, as well as to follow the standards and guidelines of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

The SuperKids series consists of six levels, from SuperKids 1 to SuperKids 6. Each level has a student book, an activity book, a teacher's guide, a CD and a DVD. The student book introduces the main language and vocabulary through colorful illustrations and dialogues. The activity book provides additional practice and reinforcement through exercises and games. The teacher's guide offers detailed lesson plans and tips for effective teaching. The CD contains all the audio tracks for the songs, rhymes and conversations in the student book and the activity book. The DVD contains animated videos that show the SuperKids characters in action.

The SuperKids characters are a group of six children from different countries who are friends and classmates. They are Andy from Australia, Jenny from Japan, Kevin from Korea, Ling from China, Raj from India and Sue from Singapore. They have different personalities and hobbies, but they share a common love for learning English. They also have a pet dog named Spot who joins them in their adventures. Through their stories, the SuperKids series exposes students to various cultures and values, as well as to authentic and natural language. 29c81ba772


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