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Intel Core I7 Q720 Turbo Boost Driver Zip

La frecuencia Max Turbo se refiere al procesador de núcleo único máximo que puede lograrse con la tecnología Intel Turbo Boost. Visite -and-technology/turbo-boost/turbo-boost-technology.html para ver más información.

intel core i7 q720 turbo boost driver zip

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I googled the problem, the common solution to this is play with the power options: Power Plan, processor state... but that doesn't change anything, also I ran the 7-Zip benchmark on Ubuntu and resulted in the same, the CPU getting stuck at 931MHz, which got me worried of a fatal hardware problem. One of the latest solutions i found was turning off the Intel Power Management driver on Windows, this resulted in, just as booting on Safe Mode, the CPU stuck at its base clock of 1.60GHz, this is useful when I need the laptop, but its not a complete solution and it never reach the turbo speed.

For 1st Gen Core i, there was no fine control over turbo boost. It was either full turbo boost or no turbo boost and nothing in between. A setting of 12 gets you a maximum multiplier of 12 but a setting of 13 T allows the CPU to use full turbo boost. When a single core is active, it can use a multiplier as high as 21. You will never see the full 21 in ThrottleStop because there are always hundreds of Windows tasks running in the background. When these wake up and need to be processed, additional cores become active and the maximum multiplier automatically drops. Your screenshot showing a multiplier over 18 is normal for a 720QM. The higher the better. If you can reduce the background activity, you will see the multiplier go higher. When your computer is idle, it should only need to be spending about 0.5% or less of its time in the C0 state. Any more than that is a sign of too much crap running in the background. 350c69d7ab


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