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Mark Komarov
Mark Komarov

I Lampaclima E L Isola Misteriosa Gioco _TOP_

however, with the island's spirit of the mountain, the legendary emperor roala, having suddenly appeared, the two men quickly became worried, and with the two women becoming worried, too, palli and his wife, the lampaclima's spirit of the mountain, and gredina's father, the island's spirit of the mountain, made a decision: to do everything in their power to stop the island's spirit of the mountain and the emperor's spirit of the mountain from becoming enemies and both at war.

i lampaclima e l isola misteriosa gioco

zib became the islands ruler, and fuscus the leader of the minestrano, who he had coerced into a position of power to look after his people, as he was the only one who could cook and knew what needed to be cooked. the minestrano was then sent by the lampaclima to the islands next holiday destination, but because the island was now so popular, the minestrano was forced to land on the nearby island of the wet people, and fuscus was imprisoned by the wet people for trying to overthrow their leader.

zib goes to look for the spirits cart, and fuscus goes to kill him. his endgame is to replace zib as the leader of the lampaclima, and hell need all three tribes to help him overthrow the wet people. but, in the meantime, zib has caught a little bird and is trying to use it as a spy.

fuscus and zib are talking, and zib finally realizes the truth: fuscus has been using him for most of this time. he was sent to the lampaclima to spy on them, and fuscus used that information to plan his escape. zib is furious, but hes caught with nowhere to run, and he has to deal with fuscus.


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