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Different SSL certificates provide different levels of security, depending on the level of protection and security features your website and its users need. You may be familiar with visual elements such as Site Seals, the HTTPS:// protocol appearing in the URL, but there are less-visible functions that help protect your website and visitors.

As their name implies, Single domain SSL certificates only secure a single unique domain or subdomain. Wildcard SSL certificates let site owners secure multiple subdomains under a single unique domain. Multi-domain SSL certificates allow multiple unique domains and subdomains to be secured with a single certificate.

Comodo, Inc. is the world's #1 trusted SSL certificate provider, offering site owners and managers best-in-class security, trust, and compliance at a great value. We believe our exclusive partnership with Comodo will streamline our customers' experience, allowing us to provide the best website security products on the market with competitive pricing.

The level of security provided by an SSL certificate is determined by the number of bits used to generate the encryption key. That key is then used to encrypt the data. Most of our SSL certificates use either 256-bit or 128-bit encryption, depending on the capabilities of web browser and server. Both 256- and 128-bit are industry standard for data protection.

Once your SSL cert has been purchased, the next step is to have a CSR code generated on the server where your website is hosted. You will need to have a dedicated IP address, or SNI technology active any shared servers. Using a web host that supports third-party SSL certificates, is important, as well, but if you are a Namecheap hosting customer, this requirement has already been fulfilled. Read more detailed instructions about activating your SSL cert.

When you change your hosting service, believe that your CSR/RSA pair has been compromised, or replace the domain name(s) for which the SSL was issued, you need to have your SSL encryption certificate reissued. Changes to contact details in the certificate may require a reissue, as well. To begin the process, you must generate a new CSR/RSA pair and save your RSA for further installation. Be sure to save your RSA for later steps in the installation. This can usually be done by the user, but your hosting provider may be able to assist. At Namecheap, there is no cost to reissue your SSL certificate.

When you purchase an SSL certificate, an expiration date is encoded by the certificate authority, and cannot be changed. Beginning 30 days prior to the expiration, but before the actual expiry date, you must complete the renewal process. When you use Namecheap as your SSL provider, we will contact you via email during the renewal window to remind you to take action. The process is easy, and requires only four steps. Learn more about the SSL renewal process.

Regulations are changing for Code Signing! Purchase before April 24th and avoid token cost and shipping, lock-in the use of software-based certificates for the next 3 years, and we're adding a fourth-year free.

SSL protect online transactions with strong 256-bit SSL encryption. We offer low-cost SSL, but never compromise with your web security. Our all SSLs come with modern algorithms recommended by the CA/Browser forum.

Customers are aware about the security of their private information and prefer to shop from HTTPS secure sites. So, go through the purchase process and choose a 2048-bit key length to provide a secure environment to your customers.

Browsers have started to show an insecure warning on non-HTTP sites. Customers will quickly move from the site, which shows an insecure warning. It is the best time to get an SSL certificate if you have not purchased it yet.

SSL2BUY is an authorized reseller of leading CAs and offers wide range of SSLs at cheapest price on the market. Our certificates are specially designed for individuals and enterprises to establish a secure environment over a single domain, subdomains, and multiple domains. Our core business is SSL that provides maximum security to the website and boost trust to encourage the customers with HTTPS.

TLS (Transport Layer Security) is an upgraded and more secure protocol of SSL (Secure Socket Layer), which is used to encrypt the communication over the internet. Some people have started saying it as TLS certificates, but mostly it is known as SSL certificates.

Online users are more concerned about their information security and privacy. SSL plays an important role in terms of web security as it creates a secure tunnel between the browser and the server using encryption technology. It inspires your customers to complete deal with confidence.

To make HTTPS enabled site, you must install an SSL certificate on your web server. SSL security works on HTTPS instead of insecure HTTP. It is recommended to buy an SSL certificate to switch your site from insecure HTTP to secure HTTPS protocol.

All certificates provide the same level security to your website, whether you choose cheap DV SSL or Expensive OV or EV certificates. The only difference between validation processes to add more trust to customers.

As a means to authorize a connection, the SSL certificate holds information about the business, website or person you are connecting to, and is also a means to verify that identity through a third-party.

If you wish to see this in action, look at the URL of this web page in the address bar of your browser, and alongside the text, just on the left, you should see a small green padlock that identifies that this is a secure SSL-certificated site.

Clicking on the padlock will tell you that the connection is secure and allow you to reveal what information the certificate has. That will include the users of the certificate, and the SSL provider that bestowed authorization.

Without this encryption, sensitive information like passwords could potentially be compromised by a nefarious party intercepting the data traffic flowing between the client computer and the web server.

Should these trusted relationships fail, the SSL certificates become invalid. In that case, anyone visiting a location covered by one such certificate would immediately be warned that it has no valid SSL certificate, and that their connection may no longer be secure.

In the middle ages, the Knights Templar established the key processes for the modern system of notary services, banking, loans, and mortgages that we have today. During that era, Knights carried with them documentation that proved their identity, created by a notary, often embossed with official wax seals.

The importance of these documents was enhanced by a Papal declaration in 1139 that allowed the Knights Templar to pass freely through any border, pay no taxes, and be granted total freedom from every authority other than the Vatican.

And when it comes to the worldwide web today, we can draw a parallel with a similar document of authority: the SSL (opens in new tab) certificate. SSL Certification (or TLS (opens in new tab) to be more accurate) is a means to verify the source of web pages, domains, and open the door to information exchanges and electronic financial transactions.

Having operated independently for some years, in 2017, DigiCert has completed an acquisition of Norton's website security and related PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) solutions. The motivation for this buyout was that Norton managed to convince 90% of Fortune 500 companies to pay for the Norton Secured Seal.

With so much invested in secure systems, SSL certificates are considered one of its strongest offerings. Customers especially like the ability to manage numerous certificates across multiple domains from a management console.

GeoTrust was once owned by VeriSign and then Norton, and due to the sale of the latter operation, it might also be part of DigiCert by now. The business covers three main areas: SSL certificates, Signing Services and SSL for enterprise services.

By taking this route, an enterprise customer can have all the rules, policies, and procedures for using SSL certificates, and their subsequent creation, distribution and revocation are all handled for them. But if you only want SSL certificates, GlobalSign can do that too.

Instead of offering DV, OV and EV certification at different prices, they all cost the same relatively low price. The pricing structure is instead based on a single site, multiple sites, or a domain with full subdomain cover.

Currently a single site, (DV, OV or EV level) costs $99.99 per year ($69.99 for the first term), and the all level domain solution is only $449.99 per year ($349.99 for the first term). The return on that investment is the best SHA2 and 2048-bit encryption, and the trust seal provided by McAfee Secure.

The weakness of this offering would seem to be the support team, which has been described in less than glowing terms by some customers. So given that, if you understand the details of installing certificates, then this might be for you, but anyone wanting extensive technical support may want to look elsewhere.

For just $17.95 per year, RapidSSL will provide a single domain certificate with 128/256-bit encryption with a browser recognition that exceeds 99%. A wildcard certificate that covers unlimited subdomains is $149 per year, plus it includes a $10,000 warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Free support is provided 24/7 by web and email, and installation tools are part of the package at no extra cost. And, even at this low price, the service is built on the same GeoTrust global infrastructure as the corporate customers benefit from.

The company is hardly a household name, but Thawte has managed to corral more than 40% of the global market for SSL certificates. So far it has issued nearly a billion certificates in 240 countries worldwide. 59ce067264


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