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No Stylist Instrumental Finesse God

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No Stylist Instrumental Finesse God

[Drake & French Montana](Louder)I got the game in a squeezeWho disagreeI wanna see one of y'all run up a BYeah, two open seats, we flyin' at sevenAnd packed for the beachYeah, keepin' it G, I told herDon't wear no 350s 'round meIced out, no stylistNo Chanel, Nike trackDoin' road with some wapsAnd that's Capo in the backAnd that's swole in the backDon't need Gucci on my backTV Gucci got my backDon't know where y'all niggas atI've been here, I've been backIn Delilah's, word to ZackI need action, that's a fact 59ce067264


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