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Thank you so much for this post. It made me want to abandon everything and get to working on Season 02 right away. :) Although I can't do that of course, I need to stay consistent and finish what I've started with Queen Trainer. Don't worry though, season 02 is coming.Also thank you on your feedback on episode 11. All those choices were fun to work on, but at the same time they extended the episode development time so I wasn't sure if it was worth it. You seem to be one of the very few people who appreciated the whole choices things to such degree. I will consider doing something similar again with the first ep of season 02.

Star Channel 34

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Innocent Witches started out by stealing my work and repurposing it so I can't say I a friends with the guys. But they long since moved on and doing their own thing now, so it's all good. Other trainers continue to steal my work, so I can't say I am happy about what they are doing. And thank you for your feedback. I know exactly what you mean: many good projects got bloated and sank over the years. I have plenty of problems with that myself, but I do at least try to keep my ambitions contained ^^

Like sure, it starts slow and there aren't many scenes at the start (there are actually sex scenes in the later episode) but this shit is hilarious, the amount of sexual humor in this game never let me down and I had some hysterical laughing fits I may or may not be proud of.I highly recommend you learn how to play this game (as in looking for the events) since they are great.

Range of time for collected data to return, specified as a name-value pair consisting of 'DateRange' and an array of values that have [startdate,enddate] in MATLAB datetime values. ThingSpeak server limits the number of points returned to a maximum of 8000. Adjust your ranges or make multiple calls if you need more than 8000 points of data.

Indicator to display positional information of data from the channel, specified as a name-value pair consisting of Location and a logical value. Location information includes latitude, longitude, and altitude.

Class of the output data, specified as a comma-separated pairconsisting of 'OutputFormat' and a text value.Valid values are 'matrix', 'table',and 'timetable'. Use 'matrix' formatfor numeric data. You can use 'timetable' or 'table' forany nonnumeric data. The 'table' format outputs [data,channelInfo],where data contains the timestamps and the datafrom the fields of the channel. The 'timetable' formatoutputs [data,channelInfo], where data isa timetable and contains as many variables as the number of requested 'fields'.

Read API key of the channel, specified as a name-value pair consisting of 'ReadKey' and a character vector representing a channel read API key. The Read API key allows you to read data from a private channel. You can find the Read API key for a channel on the API Keys tab of your ThingSpeak channel view. If you are reading data from a public channel, you do not need a Read API key. Save your channel Read API key in a variable for convenience. 041b061a72


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