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The Little Book Of Calm: Tame Your Anxieties, F...


When your little one starts reading on their own, this is the book you can put on their bookshelf for them to turn to whenever their worries are taking over. Not only does it provide engaging metaphors and illustrations, the book also empowers kids by equipping them with tools that can help.

Summary:Ms. Cook tells the story of a little girl named Wilma Jean who is constantly worried about different things. This book goes over both the thoughts and the physical changes your body goes through when you get anxious, and offers a few simple ways to manage it.

Anyone who suffers from anxiety knows it can be debilitating, but Dr. Clark argues anxiety is a powerful motivating force that, with a little know-how, can be harnessed to create a better you. The book provides a road map to approach anxiety in a new light, using modern neuroscience, expert interviews, and anecdotes to help you manage anxiety in your career, relationships, and more. 59ce067264


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