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Fairy Tail Episode 176 Tagalog V

Fairy Tail Episode 176 Tagalog V: A Review

Fairy Tail Episode 176 Tagalog V: A Review

Fairy Tail is a popular anime series based on the manga of the same name by Hiro Mashima. The story follows the adventures of Natsu Dragneel, a dragon slayer wizard who is a member of the Fairy Tail guild, and his friends as they face various enemies and challenges. The anime has been airing since 2009 and has over 300 episodes so far.

One of the most anticipated episodes of Fairy Tail was episode 176, which marked the start of the seventh season and the continuation of the Grand Magic Games arc. The episode was originally released in Japan on April 5, 2014, but it was also dubbed in Tagalog and aired on Philippine television on September 9, 2022. The Tagalog version of the episode was titled "Fairy Tail Episode 176 Tagalog V" and was available to watch online on Facebook and Bilibili .

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In this article, we will review the episode and discuss its highlights, plot, characters, animation, and voice acting. We will also compare the Tagalog version with the original Japanese version and give our opinion on which one is better.


  • The episode begins with a recap of the previous events, where Fairy Tail managed to qualify for the final day of the Grand Magic Games after winning the hidden event. The episode then shows the opening theme song, which is "Masayume Chasing" by BoA in the Japanese version and "Ikaw ang Liwanag at Ligaya" by ABS-CBN Artists in the Tagalog version.

  • The first highlight of the episode is the battle between Erza Scarlet and Kagura Mikazuchi, two of the strongest female wizards in the tournament. The fight is intense and showcases their sword skills and magic abilities. Erza uses her Requip magic to change her armor and weapons, while Kagura uses her Gravity magic to manipulate gravity and increase her speed and power. The fight reaches its climax when Kagura unsheathes her sword, Archenemy, which is said to be able to cut anything. However, Erza surprises Kagura by revealing that she knows her true identity: she is the younger sister of Simon, Erza's childhood friend who died protecting her from Jellal Fernandes.

  • The second highlight of the episode is the confrontation between Jellal and Millianna, who are watching the fight from the audience. Millianna is a former slave who was tortured by Jellal when he was possessed by Zeref's evil spirit. She blames Jellal for Simon's death and wants revenge. She attacks Jellal with her Cat Magic, but he easily dodges her attacks and tries to calm her down. He tells her that he has no memory of his past crimes and that he is now working for a secret organization called Crime Sorcière, which aims to stop Zeref and his dark guilds. He also reveals that he is in love with Erza and that he wants to atone for his sins.

  • The third highlight of the episode is the twist that happens at the end of Erza and Kagura's fight. Erza manages to defeat Kagura by using her Nakagami Armor, which allows her to break the rules of magic. She then tries to convince Kagura to forgive Jellal and let go of her hatred. However, before Kagura can answer, they are both stabbed by a mysterious figure who appears behind them. The figure is revealed to be Minerva Orland, the leader of Sabertooth, Fairy Tail's rival guild. She declares that she has captured both Erza and Kagura as hostages and that she will use them as leverage to win the Grand Magic Games.


The plot of the episode is well-written and engaging. It follows the manga faithfully and does not add any filler scenes or dialogues. It progresses the story of the Grand Magic Games arc and sets up the stage for the next events. It also explores the backstory and motivations of some of the main characters, such as Erza, Kagura, Jellal, and Millianna. It reveals some secrets and connections that were hidden until now and adds more depth and drama to their relationships.

The plot also has some unexpected twists and turns that keep the viewers on their toes. The episode ends with a cliffhanger that leaves them wondering what will happen next and how Fairy Tail will deal with the situation. The episode also has some humor and comedy that balance out the seriousness and tension of the fights and conflicts. For example, there are some funny moments involving Happy, Natsu's talking cat companion, who makes fun of Jellal's disguise and tries to cheer up Lucy, who is depressed after losing her fight against Flare Corona.


The characters of the episode are well-developed and interesting. They have distinct personalities and traits that make them memorable and likable. They also have their own goals and motivations that drive their actions and decisions. They show their strengths and weaknesses, their emotions and feelings, and their growth and development throughout the episode.

The episode focuses on four main characters: Erza, Kagura, Jellal, and Millianna. Erza is the strongest female wizard of Fairy Tail and one of the main protagonists of the series. She is known for her courage, loyalty, determination, and compassion. She is also a master of Requip magic, which allows her to change her armor and weapons according to the situation. In this episode, she faces Kagura, who is her equal in terms of power and skill. She also learns that Kagura is Simon's sister and that she hates Jellal for killing him. Erza tries to resolve the conflict between them and to make peace with her past.

Kagura is the strongest female wizard of Mermaid Heel and one of the main antagonists of the Grand Magic Games arc. She is known for her pride, confidence, calmness, and ruthlessness. She is also a master of Gravity magic, which allows her to manipulate gravity and increase her speed and power. She also wields a powerful sword called Archenemy, which she keeps sheathed until she faces her sworn enemy. In this episode, she fights Erza, who is her rival in terms of strength and reputation. She also learns that Erza is Simon's friend and that she loves Jellal despite his crimes. Kagura struggles to accept the truth and to let go of her vengeance.

Jellal is a former member of the Tower of Heaven and one of the main supporting characters of the series. He is known for his intelligence, charisma, kindness, and guilt. He is also a master of Heavenly Body Magic, which allows him to use stellar energy for various effects. He was once possessed by Zeref's evil spirit, which made him commit atrocities against his friends and enemies. He later regained his sanity and memory, but he still bears the burden of his sins. In this episode, he watches Erza's fight from the audience while disguised as Mystogan, his Edolas counterpart. He also encounters Millianna, who is one of his former victims and who wants to kill him for what he did.

Millianna is a former slave of the Tower of Heaven and one of the main supporting characters of the series. She is known for her love of cats, her cheerful attitude, her loyalty to her friends, and her hatred for Jellal. She is also a user of Cat Magic, which allows her to summon cat-like creatures and use cat-themed attacks. She was once friends with Erza, Jellal, Simon, and others when they were children in the tower. She later escaped with Erza but lost Simon when Jellal killed him. In this episode, she sees Jellal in the audience and attacks him with her Cat Magic. She also confronts him about his past actions and his current feelings for Erza.


The animation of the episode is high-quality and impressive. It uses bright colors, smooth movements, detailed backgrounds, and expressive facial expressions to create a vivid and immersive visual experience for the viewers. It also uses various effects such as lighting, shadows, sparks, explosions, etc., to enhance the impact and realism of the scenes.

The animation also showcases the action and combat scenes in a dynamic and exciting way. It uses different angles, perspectives, speeds, transitions, etc., to highlight the intensity and complexity of the fights. It also uses sound effects such as clashing swords, roaring magic spells, screaming voices, etc., to complement the animation and create a more engaging audio-visual experience.

Voice Acting

The voice acting of the episode is excellent and professional. It uses talented voice actors who match their characters' personalities, emotions, tones, etc., to deliver convincing and authentic performances. It also uses appropriate accents, dialects, slang words etc., to reflect their characters' backgrounds cultures etc., to add more diversity and flavor to their voices.

The voice acting also differs between the Japanese version (original) and the Tagalog version (dub ed). The Japanese version uses the original voice actors from the anime, who have been voicing their characters since the beginning of the series. They have a lot of experience and familiarity with their roles and they deliver consistent and natural performances. Some of the notable voice actors in the Japanese version are: - Sayaka Ohara as Erza Scarlet - Saori Hayami as Kagura Mikazuchi - Daisuke Namikawa as Jellal Fernandes - Satomi Sato as Millianna The Tagalog version uses local voice actors from the Philippines, who have been dubbing various anime shows for the Philippine market. They have a lot of talent and skill in adapting their voices to different characters and genres. They also add some local flavor and humor to their performances by using Tagalog words and expressions. Some of the notable voice actors in the Tagalog version are: - Klariz Magboo as Erza


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