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Talk To Her(2002) !EXCLUSIVE!

Benigno has allowed his obsessive love for Alicia to take over. His apartment has a photograph of the sleeping Alicia displayed prominently. He talks to Alicia as if she can understand him, and he tries to live her life, attending ballets and silent movies, and reading travel magazines because he knows that she liked those. He refuses to cut her hair to a practical length, because he feels that she would like it to be that length if she awoke.

Talk to Her(2002)

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There are plenty of movies available about women talking to one another, but films that chronicle deep, meaningful conversations between men are a rarity. Talk to Her is one of these unusual films, with Benigno and Marco developing a powerful bond as a result of their common circumstances. They speak to their comatose women, but, with increasingly greater frequency, they begin to rely upon one another. There may be an element of homoeroticism here, at least on Benigno's part. He is a virgin and is unsure of his feelings. He is obsessed by Alicia (to a degree that her father finds unsettling), but there are times when his friendship with Marco seems unusually intense. Benigno is clearly a disturbed individual - he spent 20 years caring for a bedridden mother before switching his attention to Alicia. Some of the most telling scenes about him are the flashbacks, which show him spying upon the dancer from afar before working up the courage to approach her. Marco's past is less creepy, but has left deep emotional wounds.

Syndicated columnist, commentator, attorney and best-selling author Ann Coulter '84 will visit Cornell for a talk sure to please conservatives and confound liberals, May 7 at 6 p.m. in Statler Auditorium. Ticket holders for the postponed April 24 appearance will be admitted first at 5 p.m., and any available seats will be given to non-ticket holders at 5:40 p.m. For more information, visit

Her colorful, inflammatory style has made her a well-known figure on television talk shows and the subject of a Time magazine cover story in April 2005. She once tangled on-air with Katie Couric after calling the NBC "Today" anchor the "affable Eva Braun of morning TV."

Free tickets for Coulter's talk will be available beginning at 8 a.m. April 18 at the Willard Straight Hall Art Gallery, with a limit of two tickets per person with a Cornell ID. No large bags or backpacks, cameras or recording devices will be allowed in the auditorium. For ticket availability after April 18, see or contact Michael Hint at

Coulter's talk is funded in part by the student activity fee and is sponsored by the Cornell College Republicans, The Cornell American, TRIAD Foundation, the Bartels family, Young America's Foundation, the Cornell University Program Board, Cornell's Department of Government, and the Offices of the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education, Vice President for Student and Academic Services and the Dean of Students.

Bechdale Test: PASSED! Female characters in the narrative do talk about something other than the male characters in the plot. I recall a small dialogue between Alicia and her dance teacher toward the end of the film when she is recuperating from the effects of the coma.

The Sally host, known for her signature red eyewear, reminisced about her daytime TV days with fellow talk show queen Ricki Lake on the Raised by Ricki podcast. Today, Raphael, 87, is as fierce as ever, letting it rip on topics ranging from her show's abrupt cancellation that she never recovered from to dating after losing her husband and manager Karl Soderland in 2020.

"When it started, I talked to presidents of the United States [and did] interviews with celebrities," Raphael recalled of the early days of Sally. But ownership of the program changed hands several times and once NBC Universal "got a hold of it, [it became a] 'Who's your baby mama?' type of show. That's when it all went downhill."

Not only was it the end of her talk show run, but it was the end of her career. Something she hadn't planned for. Raphael said her agent sent her a vase after her firing that was engraved with: "The best is yet to come." However, "If you look at my résumé, I haven't worked since then. Haven't earned a dime," she said. Her agents "never found one other job [for me] since 2002."

Jones made a couple more media appearances on the advice of police. But soon after that, with still no sign of Jahi, she shut down. She stopped talking to investigators and to some of her own family members.

At first, Jones said, Tieray would talk to her about losing Jahi in the park but over time he quit answering her questions. Eventually, she stopped bringing up the subject, finding it too painful to talk about her missing boy with friends, family or the police. 041b061a72


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