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Mt. Mograph Motion 3.20

Mt. Mograph Motion 3.20: A Powerful Tool for Motion Graphics

If you are a motion graphics artist, you probably know how important it is to have a reliable and versatile toolset to create stunning animations. Whether you are working on a commercial, a film, or a personal project, you want to have the best tools to bring your vision to life.

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That's why many professionals choose Mt. Mograph Motion 3.20, a popular extension for Adobe After Effects that offers a variety of tools and controls for professional animators. Whether you want to ease, anchor, or manipulate your keyframes, Motion 3.20 has you covered with its intuitive interface and features.

What is Mt. Mograph Motion 3.20?

Mt. Mograph Motion 3.20 is the latest version of the Motion extension, developed by Matt Jylkka, the founder of Mt. Mograph. Mt. Mograph is a YouTube channel that provides free education and tutorials about motion graphics. Matt Jylkka is also a motion designer and animator who has worked with clients such as Google, Nike, and Adobe.

Motion 3.20 is an extension that adds 45+ powerful tools and hundreds of controls to Adobe After Effects. It allows you to create high-end motion graphics with ease and speed. You can use Motion 3.20 to adjust the speed, timing, and spacing of your keyframes, create smooth transitions and effects, add expressions and presets, and much more.

What are the features of Mt. Mograph Motion 3.20?

Motion 3.20 has a customizable and compact user interface that lets you access all the tools and controls in one panel. You can also dock the panel anywhere in your workspace or use it as a floating window.

Some of the main features of Motion 3.20 are:

  • Ease Editor: This tool lets you adjust the ease of your keyframes with a graphical curve editor. You can also use presets or custom curves to create smooth animations.

  • Anchor Point: This tool lets you change the anchor point of your layers without affecting their position or rotation. You can also use it to snap the anchor point to different points on your layer or on other layers.

  • Keyframe Creator: This tool lets you create keyframes for any property of your layer with one click. You can also use it to copy, paste, reverse, or offset your keyframes.

  • Expressionist: This tool lets you add expressions to your layers with a simple interface. You can also use presets or custom expressions to control your animations.

  • Effect Controls: This tool lets you apply and adjust effects to your layers with sliders and buttons. You can also use presets or custom effects to enhance your animations.

  • And more: Motion 3.20 also has other tools such as Aligner, Cloner, Distributor, Flicker, Linker, Magnet, Overlap, Randomizer, Repeater, Shifter, Stagger, Texturizer, and more.

How to get Mt. Mograph Motion 3.20?

If you are interested in getting Mt. Mograph Motion 3.20, you can purchase it from the official website for $35 USD. You will get a lifetime license to access all future updates and support from the developer.

You can also download a free trial version from the website to test the extension before buying it.


Mt. Mograph Motion 3.20 is a powerful and versatile tool for motion graphics that can help you create stunning animations in Adobe After Effects. It has a user-friendly interface and a rich set of features that can save you time and effort in your projects.

If you are looking for a reliable and affordable extension for motion graphics, you should definitely check out Mt. Mograph Motion 3.20.


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