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Aikman Series C.pdfl


Aikman Series C.pdfl

its got the pedigree of a braggart whos about to pull a fire alarm, and as a result, i want to spend very little of the story dwelling on the bayless segue. he has a fairly decent tale about how aikmans car is held over ransom when a fisherman on the edge of lake michigan sees the lights on the boat and waves the cops over, and takes a picture of the license plate.

its on page 274, but bayless would later write in hell-bent that it was a scam, a robbery. it was just that the assailants had a clipboard of license plates to hand to the police. aikman argues with his wife, and then theyve been planning to get a divorce for years, and thats why her car is parked in the driveway. but youre name hasnt been associated with dallas since hell-bent was published in 1996. and in the book, you quoted stephen aikman many times. the quote that started it all was, "i havent been this happy in a long time." aikman hasnt publicly spoken in 20 years. his contract with the cowboys was terminated when he was out of the league, and he was arrested in connecticut for drunken driving two months ago. if hes gay, no one will ever know.

it got worse, really, from there. bayless hed tried to portray it as a joke on aikmans weight. no one made fun of him at the time, he wrote. no one even knew. its still like that, he wrote. in the same way, no one laughed when aikman was drafted by the cowboys and traded to the cowboys.

this is an adult. people make fun of adult things in general. adults make adult jokes. adults say adult things. adults dont think adult things. people dont think adults are gay. people dont think adults are dumb. and if thats what kids are learning in high school, this country is in trouble. 3d9ccd7d82

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