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Subtitle Super Troopers

LINK ===>

Subtitle Super Troopers

Languages Available in: The download links above has Super Trooperssubtitles in Arabic, Brazillian Portuguese, Danish, Dutch, English, Farsi Persian, Finnish, French, German, Hebrew, Indonesian, Italian, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish Languages.

No, man, I'm just saying'-- I'm sayin' if-- if you own the beach property, right... - Mm-hmm? - Do you own, like, the sand and the water? Nobody owns the water. God owns-- It's God's water. What if someone walks onto your beach, right? Let's say if you do own it. No, man, you don't own the beach. What you own is sand on the beach, man. Here. Here, man. What if there's a naked girl on the beach? That girl's not yours. You don't own the girl. What if she breaks her foot on your property? She could sue me. Sue me! Sue me! - Oh, sh*t! Oh, sh*t! - Holy sh*t! Ditch it, man! Ditch it! - Dude, can you eat it? - The whole bag? F*** it! Hey, Mike, um, while you're at it? - Those are 'shrooms, dude! - Come on, man, just eat it! Mike, uh... - I hate to ask, but, uh... for the team? - I can't eat that! - No! Throw it out the window! - Okay! Okay! Okay! All right, I'm doin' a drop. - I'm goin' for a drop. - Just opening the window. - It's gone. It's gone. - We're cool. It's cool. F***! F***! F***! - We're dead! - All right, all right. Windows down! Windows down! Windows down! Put the windows down! All right, we're cool. We're cool. God, did you see that? It must have been, like, a double homicide or something f***in' cool. - We was freakin' out, man. - Man, I almost had a heart attack. Mike, you didn't eat both those bags, did you? Come and get it. You must have eaten, like, a hundred bucks worth of pot... and, like, 30 bucks worth of shrooms, man. Who's the man? So, I'm gonna-- I'm gonna need whenever you get a chance. - F***, man. - That-- That's not really cool, man. Is that the same car, man? - D-- Do I look high? - Yeah. Here they-- Here they come. Lick on it. Just lick it or somethin'. Be cool, be cool. License and registration. Uh, Officer, I know that-- License and registration, please. The regis-- - You know how fast you were goin'? - What? - How fast you were goin'? - Uh, 65? - Sixty-three. - Officer, isn't-- isn't the speed limit 65? Yeah, it is. - Where you boys headed? - Canada. C-- Canada. We're goin' over the border to Canada... - for some french fries and gravy, sir. - Poutine. Canada, huh? Almost made it. - Are you okay? - Yeah, sure. - Yes, sir? - Yes, sir. - Now, did you say, 'Yes, sir'? - I think he said, 'Yeah, sure.' - What'd you say, man? - Well, I said, 'Yeah, sure,' but what, literally, I said was, 'Yeah, sure, sir.' - So you are okay then? - Yes, sir. - You smell somethin', Rabbit? - Fear. Now hand over that registration. Yes, sir. My mother's gonna kill me. Holy, sh*t. This is-- This is-- This is-- Don't look. Don't look. - Oh, my God. - I don't get it, man. Am I f***ed up or is this f***ed up, man? This sh*t is f***in' crazy. Sh*t, man. I was just about to pull out my Nine... and put a cap in that pig's ass. Oh, f***! Oh, my God! Sh*t! F***! Pull the vehicle over! - I'm-- I'm already pulled over, man! - Pull over farther, man! I can't pull over-- Sir, I'm already pulled over! He's already pulled over! He can't pull over any farther! License and registration, please. - But I-- I just gave you it, Officer. - License and registration. You know how fast you were goin'? - Uh, sixty-five? - Sixty-three. I'm freakin' out, man. You are freakin' out, man. You want to know why I pulled you over? - Littering. - Officer, that-- that's not ours. - Candy bars! - Littering and-- Littering and-- - And, uh-- - Littering and-- Littering and, uh-- Littering and, uh-- Littering and, uh-- Littering and smoking the reefer. Now to teach you boys a lesson, Officer Rabbit and I are gonna stand here... while you three smoke the whole bag. Please, no. - Please, yes-- - F***in'pig! Mother of God. Whoo! We're in high-speed pursui


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