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How to Use Integration Designer 9 for RTI Remotes with Utorrent

How to Use Integration Designer 9 for RTI Remotes with Utorrent

Integration Designer 9 is a software tool that allows you to create custom interfaces and programming for RTI remotes, which are universal remote controls that can control various devices in your home or office. Utorrent is a popular BitTorrent client that lets you download and share files over the internet. In this article, we will show you how to use Integration Designer 9 for RTI remotes with Utorrent, so you can control your downloads from your remote.

Step 1: Install Integration Designer 9 and Utorrent

To use Integration Designer 9 for RTI remotes with Utorrent, you need to install both software on your computer. You can download Integration Designer 9 from the RTI website[^1^], and Utorrent from its official website[^2^]. Follow the installation instructions for both software and make sure they are running properly.

Integration Designer 9 For RTI Remotes Utorrent


Step 2: Create a Custom Interface for Utorrent

Next, you need to create a custom interface for Utorrent using Integration Designer 9. Open Integration Designer 9 and create a new project. Choose your RTI remote model and select a template or start from scratch. You can use the drag-and-drop feature to add buttons, labels, images, sliders, and other elements to your interface. You can also customize the appearance, size, position, and function of each element.

To control Utorrent from your remote, you need to add some commands that can send keystrokes or mouse clicks to Utorrent. For example, you can add a button that can pause or resume all downloads by sending the F4 key to Utorrent. To do this, right-click on the button and select Properties. Under the Command tab, select Keystroke as the type and enter F4 as the value. You can also assign other keys or mouse clicks to other buttons according to your preference. You can find a list of keyboard shortcuts for Utorrent here[^3^].

Step 3: Transfer the Interface to Your Remote

Once you have created your custom interface for Utorrent, you need to transfer it to your RTI remote. Connect your remote to your computer using a USB cable or a wireless adapter. In Integration Designer 9, click on the Transfer button and select your remote from the list of devices. Click on Start Transfer and wait for the process to complete. You should see a confirmation message when the transfer is successful.

Step 4: Enjoy Your Remote Control for Utorrent

Now you can enjoy your remote control for Utorrent. Make sure your computer and Utorrent are running and connected to the internet. On your RTI remote, select the interface you created for Utorrent and use the buttons to control your downloads. You can also view information such as download speed, progress, and status on your remote screen.

With Integration Designer 9 for RTI remotes with Utorrent, you can easily manage your downloads from anywhere in your home or office. You can also create custom interfaces for other applications or devices using Integration Designer 9. Have fun! 29c81ba772

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