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ItS Been A Long Long Time

it's been a long, long time is a game about two characters who were in a relationship and somehow got separated. you tell their story through flashbacks to their lives together and apart, and finally end with their emotional reunion.

ItS Been A Long Long Time

Like Bush (for whom "Running Up That Hill" was unbelievably her only No. 1 hit song), Ronstadt went on to a long and stellar career. After a dozens of Grammys and albums that sold over 100 million copies, she announced her retirement in 2011 for health reasons.

Nostalgia tours aren't rare, nor are hip-hop nostalgia tours. But here's the thing about the upcoming MC Hammer tour: While it initially provoked eye-rolling as another money-milking machine drawing its cash from an affinity for days gone by, well, Hammer hasn't hurt 'em in a very long time.

But the tour that brings him to the Woodlands is a smartly-packaged event. Hammer's House Party will bring old hip-hop acts along with Hammer including Sir Mix-A-Lot, Doug E. Fresh, Kid N Play, Rob Base and Tone Loc. 041b061a72


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