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The previous Parallax results used a single processor, and the current results use 17-cores Intel Xeon CPUs. It's hard to concur that the results are overclockable on CPUs, but we can say that the 17-core CPUs are certainly not the bottleneck of these systems.

The performance we see for AutoCAD 2013 is very similar to what we saw in the last edition of this article. The top of the leaderboard is dominated by Quadro GP100 testbeds. The AMD card, the R9 290 X, resides in the middle of the pack, just ahead of the GTX 680, R9 290, and 670 cards. The top Nvidia cards still exist, with the 580 and 770 cards being near the top.

AutoCAD continues to be one of the most desirable and powerful applications for 3D CAD software. While its direct competitors are switching to the cloud, AutoCAD remains a stable, reliable application that works well on any platform. Most likely, AutoCAD 2013 will be supported for the foreseeable future, which means any new video cards should still be able to take advantage of the GPU to process 3D effects.

Comparing this edition of the results with the last edition, we see that Intel's Sandy Bridge-E CPUs have dominated 3D gaming in the past. However, the roadmap for Intel CPUs since then has been to bring even faster performance to the mainstream segment (x86-64), bringing the Core i3 to the top 10 overall and the Ryzen 7 to the top 5, with only the Core i5 straddling the top 10. In this year's edition of the competition, none of the i5 CPUs (Haswell) make a single appearance on the top 10 list, and the top 10 is entirely dominated by the current-gen Skylake CPU. d2c66b5586


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