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A Concise Anglo-saxon Dictionary

This classic dictionary deals carefully and exhaustively with all the words which occur in Anglo-Saxon poetry and prose. Variant dialectic forms are given, together with variant forms found in the same dialect. Purely poetic words and words not common in prose are indicated, and references are given to the passages in which they occur. First published in 1894, this is a reprint of the fourth edition (Cambridge University Press, 1960).

a concise anglo-saxon dictionary

The first edition of the dictionary attempted to ease access by ordering entries by the words as they were actually spelt in common editions of Old English texts, and critics noted that this introduced its own share of confusion.[3][45] Hall eliminated this approach in a 1916 second edition, acknowledging that this "was admittedly an unscientific [approach], and opened the door to a good many errors and inconsistencies".[46] Thenceforth he adopted the conventional method of using "normalised" entry words.[3] Hall also began indicating words found only in poetical texts and providing the source of words recorded only once, and added cross-references to corresponding entries in the Oxford English Dictionary, then underway.[3][47] The edition was "markedly superior to the first edition" according to a reviewer for Modern Philology,[48] and according to Frederick Klaeber, its "outward make-up is almost an ideal one".[49] In Journal of Education, a reviewer termed it "the most modern treatment of the most ancient usage of our language".[50] 041b061a72


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