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Buy Tt Table Online

Ans. Stag and Gymnco are some of the most popular brands for tennis equipment. But, as long as the table you are eyeing on is sturdy, durable, and comes with wheels, you can confidently buy it without any worries. Make sure the surface of the board comes with the right demarcations so that it looks just like a professional tennis table.

buy tt table online

Ans. A full-size table tennis table is the one that has a length of 2.74 m. This is a good table to have if you are considering to take this sport seriously. Make sure you have a distance of at least 152.4 cm at each end of the table so as to ensure that you and your opponent have enough space to move around while playing.

We offer an extensive range of Indoor / Outdoor Table Tennis Tables & Accessories. Whether you just want to play Ping Pong Table with the family or you are a serious Table Tennis Player, we will have the table to suit your need. VINEX TT Tables and Accessories are designed as per the need of various National / International Sports Clubs, Schools, Colleges, Universities, Organizations and Individual Requirements. Our mostly TT Table models are of standard size and approved / specified by TTFI (Table Tennis Federation of India). Vinex TT Tables are made of premium quality low glare particle board (both sides laminated) and comes with foldable design that supports to solo play also. VINEX TT Tables are perfectly alright by quality and design for tournaments and competitions. VINEX TT Tables have been used in many National and International Competitions. These tables are easy to install and comes with an Installation Kit (Required Hardware) and Installation Manual.

VINEXSHOP is one of the oldest and reliable online shopping destination to buy Vinex Table Tennis Tables & Accessories at highly discounted price in India. VINEXSHOP is an exclusive online tt table equipment shop established by Vinex Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. to provide the customers with the best quality sports equipment & services.

A few years ago, I purchased a table tennis table for my home. It was an agonising decision. Do I have enough space? Where am I going to store it? How much should I spend? Who am I going to play with? Am I really going to use it? Will I improve my table tennis skills? So many questions.

Since that original purchase, I have purchased three more tables! My garage got converted to a bedroom, so I bought a 3/4 size table top for my lounge. My kids eventually outgrew this, so I purchased an outdoor table for my garden. Then I decided to build a room in my garden, so we could play table tennis all year round. For my new garden room, I purchased a lovely 22mm JOOLA World Cup Table.

The length of a full-size table tennis table is 2.74 metres. The width of a full-size table tennis table is 1.525 metres. But you obviously need more space behind and to the side of the table to be able to play table tennis.

In an ideal scenario, you would have 4 steps back (approx 2 metres) behind each end of the table and 2 steps (approx 1 metre) at each side of the table. This space is still a little on the tight side, but you will definitely have enough room to play.

In my garden room, I have about 1.5 metres space either end of the table, which is less than the diagram above. But I mainly use it to play with my kids, so it is fine for this purpose. And if I use it to train with my robot, then I just push the table towards one end, and this gives me loads of space to play.

Some people have a room which is big enough, but the space is already taken up by a dining room table. In this situation, you could consider buying just the table top. This can sit on top of the dining room table when playing and then stored away when not in use. There are different sized table tops available, some smaller (to fit smaller dining room tables) and some full sized ones.

A purchased a table top, after my garage got converted into a bedroom. It was very easy to set up and after use I was able to store the table top in my shed. I found it absolutely fine to use with my kids when they were small.

A table top is probably a better option if you just want to play for fun with family and friends. It may not be so good for serious training, as the height of the dining table may be different to a table tennis table.

As a general rule, you should judge the quality of a table by the thickness of the wooden top. This will range from 12mm (poor quality) to 25mm (excellent quality). So the thicker the wooden top, the better the quality will be.

If you can afford to get a table with a thicker top (22mm-25mm), go for it! These are the tables which are used in competitive leagues and tournaments (so very high quality). I now own a 22mm table and it is a joy to play on.

Do not buy a really cheap table tennis net. Cheap nets are notorious for falling to pieces after a short period of time. Spend a little more and you can buy a net which will last for a number of years (if you look after it). I used to have a Butterfly clip net on my table in the garage and it survived for many years. I have since upgraded to a JOOLA Pro Tour net for my table in my garden room, which is more expensive but very sturdy. I am happy to recommend both products.

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Dignics 05 will provide a better sense of holding the ball and adding power if combined with Harimoto Tomokazu Innerforce ALC and Innerforce Layer ALC. The combination will enhance the accuracy of topspin against backspin and counter topspin play close to the table.

The combination is recommended for blocking and counter topspin close to the table. The racket also offers a good experience of topspin against topspin play in the mid/mid-long distance. Innerforce Layer ALC.S which has less bounce is also recommended if you seek more stability.

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