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Parzania Movie Dubbed In Hindi Full Movie Fixed

Somebody in user comments says only 20 people were in theater watching this. Well, why not? Why wasn't it made in Hindi?All the characters look funny talking in english - the auto driver, the policemen and even the rioters!!!Good intentions are fine and I am sure it must not have been an easy movie to make but still it could have been done better. Fact is it looks not much better than the coverage of any news channel of these riots.

Parzania Movie Dubbed In Hindi Full Movie

Knowing that this movie will not get a similar projection as any bollywood gets because of it's subject, I believe it was a smart move from the Producer to make this in English so atleast international audience could watch and understand the pain of indian minorities.Also according to my understanding (i may be wrong) more people india understand english than hindi.Having said all tha I think it was a great movie and I think there should be a Hindi version too for those who do not understand English.

Yes I agree it was done stupidly. Not because of the stupid reasons you have mentioned though, a_niwaz.It was definitely stupid because you can see the whole intent of doing it in English was for international 'acclaim', propaganda and one-sided sympathy.There is obviously truth to the story which makes the manipulative scenes powerful. However this is not a documentary! And if it was, it would be the most biased one in history!Even from a movie point of view, all you people who loved it, take a step back and notice how 99% of Hindus protrayed in the movie have been shown as bad in some degree. From the neighbors to the police to the media. What a bunch of rubbish.The only area where the movie strikes a chord is of the personal tragedy, loss and grief of losing a loved child. Other than that all the political manipulation around it was garbage. Acting wise, Shah and Sarika are always brilliant but the rest are all below par. Especially the American guy..was very so-so. And another stupidity was the unnecessary need to throw in the F word every now and for no reason whenever he talked..I mean please..Why don't we make a movie on every Islamic terrorist incident in India in the last 50 years and show in great detail the gruesome scenes, dead bodies, personal loss and tragedy suffered by the victims? I tell you what, how about just the last 5 years? How many such movies could be made? How many individual stories of loss that Hindus have faced could be dramatically shown?ALL THIS MOVIE DOES IS INCITE MORE HATRED.Yes, that's right, incite more hatred. Supposedly the movie brings a message of peace but you have to be blind or a total retard not to notice that it's only intent is to flame anti-Hindu hatred. Instead of peace they want to create more problems.There have been many better movies that tried to bring a message of communal I can think of right now is Ghulam-E-Mustapha..more recently Jodhaa-Akbar..heck even Amar Akbar Anthony...there are many more.Acting 8/10Movie 2/10Overall 5/10

The primary reason why this movie was shot in English was because the fanatic Muslim lobby in India, together with their anarcho-Communist allies, want to succesfully portray their hateful and bigoted images of "Infidels" in India to the western audience. Films like this have largely proved to be one of the most succesfull Islamic terrorist propaganda campaigns in history, far more so than the Saudi Wahhabists or the Palestinian terrorists, largely because it selectively portrays "non-white" Hindus are "filthy idolaters" and "innocent Muslims" (who commit 4 terrorist acts in India every year and kill 1000 people annually, and have been since the 1960s) as victims. It's a very American system of propaganda that has been touted by the Communists who made this film, by portraying the perpetrators as victims, never mind that the Muslims have been forcibly converting millions of Hindus to Islam, murdering Hindu women en masse, and raping "infidel" childres as the Koran commands them to, for decades without it being ever mentioned or discussed in the COmmunist controlled mass media in the country. As Noam Chomsky would put it, it is essentially "Manufacturing Consent".Liberalism is dauntingly powerful. But the one force it does not have on its side is truth.

International audience can also watch this in English subtitles. Many french, spanish, italian movies are watched with english subtitles. And they are happy to watch in english subs. They should have captured international audience in this way too.... whats th big deal in it?

Hyderabad Blues (1998): Believe it or not, director Nagesh Kukunoor made this movie in less than Rs.20 lakhs, and in 17 days! The distributors had to even give away thousands of tickets for free before it became famous through word of mouth. Eventually this movie about a NRI who feels like an alien in his own homeland went on to become one of the highest grossing low-budget Indian movies made in English.

Pazania (2007): This movie is heart-breaking. Based on a true story, Parzania revolves around a Parsi couple who lose their 10-year-old child to post-Godhra communal riots. The movie brilliantly depicts the agony of people who were directly affected by this carnage in the name of religion and revenge. A must-watch, really.

Bombay Boys (1998): Bombay Boys is one of the most unorthodox films to have come out of Indian cinema. Director Kaizad Gustad literally plays with fire by highlighting subjects like racial and sexual stereotypes through this movie. The story revolves around three NRIs who come to Bombay either in search of their roots or to fulfill some dreams; but can they survive this brutal city?

Being Cyrus (2006): Homi Adajania made his directional debut with this sensational psychological thriller. The story revolves around a dysfunctional Parsi family and how their lives turn upside down after letting a stranger into their house. Saif Ali Khan gives a brilliant performance in this movie, but Boman Irani definitely takes the cake.

On the website URL , you can download the movie Parzania for free. But, we never ask you/force you to download. It's your choice and responsibility for keeping the illegal video file to yourself. 076b4e4f54


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