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[S2E4] Heart Sparks

On the dancefloor, Edwina encourages Anthony to dance with Kate in order to gain her blessing and prepare for their marriage. The thing is, Kate is leaving and heading back to India as soon as Edwina marries. When he hears this, Anthony is crushed and leaves the dancefloor, clearly disheartened.

[S2E4] Heart Sparks

The second season opens with Zoe confused over her conflicting feelings for both George and Wade. Zoe decides that George is not ready for a relationship and so starts dating Wade. She has to battle heartbreak, jealously, and not being able control everything.

Izzie suspects that Chlo had spent the night at Donte's rather than at Holly's. Steph Haydock tries to talk to Mika but Mika continues to block her out after losing trust. Brett smashes up his fathers model in the school foyer using a fire extinguisher and is caught doing so by Andrew Treneman. Jack Rimmer disciplines Brett and discovers the unrest in the relationship between Roger and his son. Kim shouts at Jack demanding that Brett is excluded, Jack refuses because Brett is the benefactor's son and will also, bring Waterloo Road up the league tables. This sparks another argument between Andrew and Kim about exclusion.

Flowers arrive for Davina who presumes they are from Jack. Only it turns out they were sent from Brett, to the dismay of Davina. Steph apologises to Mika who decides to forgiver her. Steph and Grantly have a heart to heart about Steph's lovelife.

Brett continues trying to win over Davina, this time with many heart-shaped balloons. Despite her best efforts, Davina fails to hide them from Jack. Davina lies to jack, telling him that the balloons were a practical joke from a friend. She, then, warns Brett to stop or else.

Roger has a heart-to-heart with Brett about what happened with him and Brett's mother. Roger explains that Brett's mother knew about the other women, Penny. At first, Brett refuses to believe it until Roger shows him a note from Brett's mother explaining what happened.

This week's Kaguya-sama: Love is War powers through three equally engaging stories, with the final segment giving us a brand new character. Though relatively short, Miko's first outing serves as a perfect encapsulation of her character, right down to the rivalry she apparently sparks in both Miyuki and Ishigami. All that's left to see is how Kaguya herself will get along with the unshakable newcomer. 041b061a72


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