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Josman Handjob Magazine 2012

Josman Handjob Magazine 2012 ===>

the stories that we have selected for this issue, like those in handjobs magazine all take place in a fantasy world. in the real world, the protagonists arent even aware of what theyre doing. to them, its just natural behavior. but that doesnt mean that these stories arent true. theyre as real as it gets, and this is why i wanted to share them with you. this is why handjobs magazine is important to me, and i hope that it is to you as well.

handjobs magazine wasnt about being a politically correct and balanced utopia, but it was about the possibility of a world where men in your life could simply acknowledge their sexuality and yours, without it costing anyone anything or deserving reproach. without it being a threat or precursor to an unknown and scary more, or a precipice or purity from which one could never return.

in 2015, i started manjons magazine, a magazine which focuses on erotic stories by men about men. i felt the time was ripe for such a project, and maybe some of the stories would be more appealing to women, who seemed to be turning handjobs and the ftmp model on its head, preferring videos and stories by men about women. i would love to read, though, or see, your work, if youre out there. drop me an email and let me know.

the kink cover of handjobs is . the kink editorial staff is quite small and their magazine is currently being published in a very small print run. the sales staff is part time and part volunteer. they need our help to keep the magazine going. if you like handjobs and want to help us out, you can buy a subscription at a special introductory price of $5.00. we will keep that special subscription price until the cover price goes back up to $10. 3d9ccd7d82


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