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Lightroom Dehaze Part 2

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- Enhance portrait photos easily with advanced AI technology- Fix photo exposure and white balance issues automatically- Optimize photo colors and perfect photo tints- Make photos perfectly clear with smart dehaze- Boost photo lighting and color quality- Process RAW and JPG files

After your blurry photos are loaded into the software, you need to click on the settings gear button at the top right corner of the screen to turn on the features of "Automatic Lens Correction", "Face enhance" and/or "Enlarge eyes". This will allow you to use the software to dehaze pictures intelligently. The effect adjuster bar can be dragged to the left or to the right to dehaze your photos to a proper degree.

Run Lightroom on your computer and then drag & drop a hazy image that you want to dehaze Lightroom to the software. Generally, distant landscapes or coastal scenes are always not clear when the weather conditions are not good.

If you would like to make pictures clearer after you shot them, you can use Photoshop to sharpen your pictures. If you shot pictures when the weather condition was not good, you can also resort to another professional tool or a program for beginners to dehaze your images at ease to gain satisfying results. Also, you can use two methods introduced in the previous parts to make photos clearer.

There are also two features that have slightly different implementations and (of course) names than their LrC counterparts. The first is what as known as Snapshots in LrC are known as Versions in Lr. You can read more about Versions, but just like Snapshots they allow you to preserve an editing state so that you can create different versions within the source photo. The other feature known as Virtual Copies in LrC is not exactly the same in Lr, but it is possible to create a duplicate of the photo and edit it separately from the original (and creating a duplicate is only possible in Lr for Mac/Win not on mobile). If you are a long term LrC user you may rely heavily on Virtual Copies, Snapshots, and the History panel and the implementation of those features in Lr is not nearly as robust as in LrC.

In Lightroom 7, in the Develop module, make sure you are using the current process which is Version 4. If you see a small lightning bolt next to your adjustment brushes, you do not have the current version. Click on the lightning bolt and Lightroom will offer to update to the current version. You can also find you what version you have by looking in the Settings menu under Process. There is also a menu option to update to the current process. In the Camera Calibration area in the adjustment panel on the right, it also tells you what version you are using. Note that all images that were in lightroom before the new version came out must be updated to the new process.

Just to be sure, are you paying a monthly subscription The screenshot that was posted indicates that you have a perpetual license. The perpetual license version of Lightroom does not have the dehaze filter. So that seems to be confusing because Lightroom Classic is not a perpetual license. It is a subscription-based version.

Lightroom 6, ANY VERSION OF LIGHTROOM 6 INCLUDING ANY UPDATE, doesn't have the dehaze tool! Lightroom 6 never did, and never will have, the dehaze tool. The dehaze tool was added to the "old" Lightroom CC and is part of Lightroom Classic CC. But it was never added to Lightroom 6.

I have no idea who this someone is. But I can assure you that the dehaze tool has never been part of the standalone version of Lightroom 6. You can do a web search and find some third-party plug-ins that will add a dehaze filter. But there have been very lengthy discussions/complaints/misunderstandings from users who purchased Lightroom 6 thinking they would get the dehaze filter. And all efforts to try to explain why they didn't get it have been futile. In short, the dehaze filter IS NOT, and never will be part of Lightroom 6. After all, there will be no more updates to Lightro


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